Black Film

Nelson George's Migrations/The Collector trailer edit from Nelson George on Vimeo.


Migrations¬†follows Helen, a Ethiopian/German woman, who is part of an international ring of African art thieves, who’s goal is to liberate African artifacts from European galleries and collectors. Helen is in Berlin, raising cash for a new deal and picking up a valuable stolen Ethiopian medallion, when a co-worker is arrested in Belgium and she is told to shut down operations. This incites a mad dash that takes us to Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles and, finally, Ethiopia as Helen is chased by Interpol and untrustworthy co-workers. Helen knows where the last two medallions are located and that info puts her life in danger. Tigist Selam plays Helen and heads a varied cast of actors that includes Saul Williams, Chyna Layne, Chris Rock, Osas Ighodaro, Roger Guenvuer Smith, Samson Styles, Rachel Nicks, Carl Hancock Rux, Tilly Scott Pederson and Melvin Van Peebles. The film was shot by Nelson George using a Canon 60D camera in a documentary style in U.S., Europe and Africa and was self-financed.via

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