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what are your thoughts on African-Americans or other Africans from the diaspora being cast in African films (i.e. Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howards being cast as Winnie and Nelson Mandela)??

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does it show that Black is Black and nationality doesn’t matter? does it lead to the erasure of African actors and actresses? does it alienate certain audiences? does it matter?

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    Excellent question. I need to learn my way around Tumblr a little better so that I can respond to things like this.
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    I did not think that hollywood would hire actual south africans to tell their own history. I went in expecting this crap
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  10. onitaset answered: We have to understand our history. All Africans are a diaspora. None of us are more African than the next. Black is Black nation is false.
  11. africanoexiste said: there re 2 important points here:as an actor or actress u can take any role since u are acting, no matter where u re from, ur skine color or ur gender.But also they have to have the same opportunities, and no cause he is famouse give him/her de role
  12. thisoneisproud answered: I truly think that an Africans should have been casted those rolls. African American stars already have opportunities. You know?
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