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Forgotten Rebellion: Black Seminoles and the Largest Slave Revolt in U.S. History

The story of John Horse and the Black Seminoles has been largely untold, but they deserve to be remembered for a number of reasons: 

  • They created the largest haven in the U.S. South for runaway slaves.
  • They led the largest slave revolt in U.S. history.
  • They secured the only emancipation of rebellious slaves prior to the U.S. Civil War.
  • The formed the largest mass exodus of slaves across the United States and, ultimately, to Mexico.

Strolling: free condoms; pay for tampons, typecasting, “selling out”, angry black woman overcompensation, rape culture & more - Cecile Emeke

This is a strolling episode, part of the short documentary film series where we go on a stroll with people and talk about various issues affecting young people.


My name is Lindsey McDowell. I have recently written and produced a series about five girls who mysteriously get powers and must learn to deal with them and each other. All of the women cast are women of color and I hope that if you enjoy our season premiere, you will share with the rest of the community.

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A Sunday Kinfolk Story (Intro and Casting) + Hamilton Multimedia, LLC 

       ”What if Superman grew up as a black boy in America?” 

Written by D. VerrtahMarcus Smith (Behind The Lens), Russell Hamilton (Multimedia), King Texas (Creative Director) and myself, Renata Cherlise (Creative Director and Creator of Lost in Urbanism + Sunday Kinfolk)

While staring in the face of racism, this story follows a young man’s journey as he comes to terms with his identity. As we extract events from America’s history and weave them with fictional undertones, we explore the truth behind his mother’s legacy, his father’s affiliation with the movement and the makings of a black superhero.

This montage sets the climate for an upcoming Sunday Kinfolk story and multimedia production. As the story spans several generations and eras, we have several roles to fill. No experience necessary, just creative passion.

Visit Sunday Kinfolk to get additional information on casting and creative collaborations with this project. 

* Production will take place in Metropolis (Chicago)



Icon From An African City: MaameYaa Boafo

New York based Ghanaian actress MaameYaa Boafo was in Accra a couple of months ago during the shooting of the web series, An African CityMantse Aryeequaye took MaameYaa on a walk through the back roads of Dzorwulu, a suburb of Accra, for some photos capturing that “fly Ghana girl back home” vibe. Nana Osei Kwadwo chatted with her later on about An African City.

The first time I saw MaameYaa Boafo in Nicole Amarteifio’s An African City, I thought she was beautiful, fierce and versatile. She stars as one of five women characters, in the webisode, that returns to live in Accra after years of studying and working abroad. Debuting less than a couple months ago, the series has quickly gained a popular online following with major media shout-outs hailing via Ebony Magazine, BBC News, BET and NPR.

With comparisons being made to Sex in the City, the webisode is growing its audience by the day and captivating folks with African fashion, fly natural hairstyles and “awkward African girl” situations as the women support one another in acclimating to life in Ghana again.

Full interview.

Strolling - Cecile Emeke

A new episode of the documentary series. I took a stroll with Remi. We talked dark skin girl documentaries, miserable students being profitable, uni/work being a rat race, policing of black female hair but not mens and more.


Neffy: An Untold Tale by Melissa Blake

Neffy Okonkwo isn’t living the dream. Being a Nigerian immigrant living in the illusive city of Nottingham has lost its charm; aspirations of creating a better life for her are bittersweet, instead she begrudgingly caters to the drunk and disorderly as a washroom attendant at the local nightclub. After a particularly dismal shift, her path crosses with the pragmatic Allie Pearson (17) the daughter of her irritable neighbour, after a couple of encounters; they chip away their social dispositions and expose their crippling secrets. (keep reading)

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